liver fry

rohan, this is for u... i know one day u will come to love liver just like ur dada.... so when u grow up and go away from home, this will help you as it is very easy and tasty too... b4 that i have to tell u one thing... i used to hate liver... but dada loves it... so one day i thought i will cook up something... coz i knew since it is liver, he will eat it even if the recipe is not all that good.... so i started with liver and kept on adding to it, whatever i could.... and believe me, the end result was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i love liver... and u will too....

Liver: 1 kg
onion: 5 big sliced
garlic: 1 pod
ginger i inch
green chillies: 2 nos
pepper powder 2 tablspoons
Tomatoes: 2 big
curry leaves: as needed
coriander leaves
wash the liver and drain it in a colander. heat oil in a kadai. fry the liver in it for about 5 minutes on a low flame. add the onion and keep on frying. when it becomes light brown, add garlic, ginger , curry leaves and greenchillies and stir for 2 minutes. now close it with a lid... let it cook for sometime, say about 3-4 minutes... keep stirring in between. now take off the lid and add the tomatoes, pepper powder and salt. if the oil is not enough add a liitle more of oil and keep stirring. when the tomatoes are cooked well, it means it is done. now enjoy ur meal.

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