mushroom pepper fry

hey nunu gal, this is one tasty yet very easy recipe, your dada loves it. and iam sure u gonna love it too. do u know how mamma came up with this recipe. one day (this happened b4 u were born), mamma and puthrichechy had lunch at The Delhi restuarant. puthrichechy ordered mushroom pepper fry and wow!!! it was yummy. that was the first time ever i had this dish. on the way back, i bought mushrooms and started experimenting and lo!! it tasted the same!! eureka!!!

mushroom:1 packet
onions: 5 big diced
garlic: 5-6 chopped fine
green chillies: 3 nos
curry leaves
pepper: as needed

in a kadai heat oil, fry the onions. when it is translucent, add the garlic and curry leaves, stir for some more time. now add the mushrooms and salt and keep stirring for some more time till the mushroom is properly cooked. make sure u keep the flame low. now add the pepper (mamma doesnt know the quantity- i keep tasting to see if the pepper is enuff) okay to make it easier for u- lets say add 2 teaspoons and see if it tastes good... okay??? thats it!!!! very very tasty mushroom ready!!!!

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