About Me


Im Indian.. Iam a daughter, a sister, a wife, a daughter-in-law, sister-in law, an aunt and last but not the least mother to two beautiful children. I was born and brought up in Kerala and then made Chennai my home, post marriage. I lived in Cairo, Egypt for sometime, thats when I started updating my blog regularly...there was nothing else to do there.

I was never interested in cooking, for that matter, was not interested in anything in particular- lazybone!!!!!! but after getting married to the biggest food critic on earth, I had to polish my skills!! Well, learn from the scratch coz didnt know the ABC of cooking.
 I had to write down all the recipes from my mom, mom-in-law and sisters-in-law..and also from magazines and Tv shows. In this blog, Ive included those recipes- mom's, mom-in-law's, sisters-in-law's, magazine, Tv shows and ofcourse my experiments too.....

This is he...My Man.

Iam a believer and I pray before I cook and I always strongly believe it is Jesus working through me.
I started this blog in 2009 just to record all my recipes for my kids.. You will understand if you go through my earlier posts- all of it were addressed to my little ones. Well, I used to get lazy and not update and there were no pictures then. Its only by the end of 2010 that I started updating regularly and also started posting pics. Well, I have to admit Iam a lousy photographer. Its mainly because I have to cook everything just before serving, which means I dont have enough time to photograph- it will be all over by then!!!!!!! So it is a hurried affair- get the picture? 


 And here they are, my lovely little ones with me.

 This is when we are out of the house.....

otherwise they are like this... either buttering me

Or up to something

Ok now to serious business...All of the recipes here are tested by me personally and loved by my family. Please follow it just like that to get the best results. For eg, If a recipe calls for using freshly ground pepper, use only that, and also if a recipe says use homemade Garam masala, then never substitute it with store bought ones.
Well, now even though I address the blog to a larger crowd, its still mainly for my kids- so it becomes easier for them in the future. Love u, my O boy and my nunu gal!!!


  1. u r doing something great and useful to all .keep up the good work-lyla

  2. sojo ur blog is amazing came here today looking for a chinise stly fish recipe but i saw so many amazing recipes my dinner menu has changed already.. lol .. keep up the good work hun..- Rowena

    1. and u never cease to surprise me with ur beautiful cakes, Row.....

  3. Hats off to you Sojo. The recipes are great!!! Congrats.

  4. Hats off to you Sojo. Love your recipes. Congrats.

  5. Wow...good work.I don't need to go elsewhere for simple recipes of stuff that I've never bothered trying out.It's amazing to see what God can do through normal people I know and impact a generation.God bless you and your family immensely.

  6. Enjoy reading everything time n again.... You know that with us, it goes without saying that you are a "rock" and that we love you so very much..... knowing that the rest won't make it here.... I say it on behalf of all of us. To happiness and good food!

    Tess, Cherry, Mily n Mia

  7. gone are the days where sojo new only how to make cake!!LOL.......;) Did'nt know that was just a beginning............

    1. Ann.... I miss those days....and the cakes.....

  8. Thank you sojo for stopping by my space....happy to follow you...gonna be around :)