Butter Murukku

Ive been craving for some indian snacks for the past three months. Here in Cairo all that we get is cheese flavored chips and Iam fed up of that. I wanted to eat plantain chips but no plantains available. Then Rohan and Kochu wanted murukku so i thought atleast that i can make.. Kochu's mom always make murukku and i do remember the recipe.. ( we do get rice flour here and Ive brought Urud dal to make idlys.. i just have to roast and grind the urud dal and that is easy...) and finally i made and wow it was yummy.. the first thing Rohan said after taking the first bite was.. mamma please make again as soon as this gets over..... well I did!!!

 Rice flour: 4 cups
 Urud dal flour: 1 cup
Asafoetida: 1 tsp
Cumin: 2 tsp
Sesame: 2 tsp
 Salt: as required.
Oil: for deep frying
 Butter: 4 tbsp
Water: to make the dough

Dry Roast the urud dal on low flame (make sure it doesn't burn). When it cools, Powder it in ur dry grinder.

Sift the rice flour and add all the ingredients to it.

 Make a pliable dough

Now take the idiyappam presser (there will be a plate with one star- fix that)
Take a small amount of dough and place it inside the idiyappam presser.
Now on a plastic sheet, press the dough out of the maker in circles

Now drop these into the oil and fry it till light brown.
Make sure the flame is medium, otherwise it will brown fast without getting crunchy.
You can use the plate with 3 star also but you wont get the circles..(well 3 star plate is easier)


If you want to make murukku flour in large quantity, take 1 kg of urud dal and dry roast it. Take 3 kgs of raw rice. Clean it properly. Take it to the mill and powder it. Then follow the recipe above.