Ribbon pakkoda

The year was 2005. It was raining cats and dogs in Chennai. Kochu was on tour that day in October and it was just me and Little Rohan. He was with his activity Gym and as usual I had nothing to do (Rohan was a very easy baby to handle). suddenly I hear a ding dong...the doorbell. It was next door Paati with some ribbon pakkodas she made.... hot from the stove... Ive had ribbon pakkodas before but always store bought and nothing tasted like this... this was so yummy... i just cannot explain... just imagine the scenario...raining heavily, a cool afternoon, hot yummy ribbon pakkodas.... wow heaven!!!! I needed this recipe somehow... I asked her the next day and she told me how to make ... u know just gave me the ratio... i mixed everything in the food processor and I knew it is not going to come out well coz the dough was getting stickier and it was not coming out of the processor... I called paati in and she started laughing.. she asked me"why in the world are you using a food processor for this".. well, i threw that batch away and she prepared the dough.. it was very interesting... all the measurements were with the palm of her hands... and wow amazing ribbon pakkodas.. okay, Ive converted her palm measurements to cup measurements and from then on, i always make ribbon pakkodas at home.
Thankfully, there is a man here in Cairo who supplies besan (it is not available at stores here). we just have to call him and place the order. He (i dont know from where he gets it, but that is least of my concern!!!) will home deliver it the next day.

Bengal Gram Flour: 4 cups
Rice Flour: 2 cups
Butter (ghee is not allowed): 100 gms
chilly powder: 2 tsp
asafoetidaa- 1 tsp
salt:as required
oil for frying
idiyappam press with the ribbon pakkoda plate or murukku sev with the pakkoda plate

Make a stiff dough with the flour, butter, chilly powder, asafoetida and salt.
Heat the oil. once well heated, simmer.
Now take a small amount of the dough and place it inside the idiyappam maker with the ribbon pakkoda plate
Press the dough out of the maker directly into the oil. (keep fire medium-not high, not low)
Turn it over once. when golden brown, take it out of the oil.
You have to try it out yourself to know what it tastes like!!!!

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