Cauliflower Capsicum Saute

Haven't you had days when you just don't know what to cook. Then you will decide to make something with a particular vegetable but can't decide on a recipe. You think and think and then you will decide to call up all your friends and family. So you sit with the phone and dial everyone on your contact list. And finally you will have enough recipes to write a book... I remember one such day. I had cauliflower and capsicum with me and I called up all my cousins- read expert cooks. Finally Susha chechy gave me a simple recipe but the fact is I never made it till today... she gave me the recipe almost a year back!!!! she messaged me the recipe and till date that recipe is in my saved messages list. Today I read it again and as usual I simplified it again coz Iam too lazy!!!! Her recipe needs onion and No... Iam too lazy to chop onions... and her recipe doesnt require much oil coz cauliflower is steamed but I used a lot of oil coz I fried the cauliflower.... so that is the difference!!!!!

Cauliflower: 1/4 kg
Capsicum: 3 small
Green chillies: 3
Garlic: 4 fat cloves chopped fine
Ginger: an inch piece chopped fine
Soya sauce: 1tsp
Tomato sauce: 1 tbsp
Oil: 4 tablespoons
Salt: as required

Heat oil in a non stick pan. Saute Garlic, Green chillies and ginger.
Now add the cauliflower and fry it in the oil.
When it is cooked, add salt and capsicum and saute for 2 more minutes in low flame.
Now add the sauces.
Serve it hot with Chinese noodles or Fried rice.

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