Chemmen Nirracha Rava Puttu

This is a very tasty and hassle free breakfast with leftover prawns roast. You can get the prawns roast recipe here  Instead of the prawns, you can fill egg roast masala, or shredded chicken roast or whatever. This way you don't have to worry about making a side dish for the puttu. And also Rava puttu is made almost like Rice puttu but you have to be careful about mixing water coz if it is not properly done, it will be a disaster... not enough water means you will get the rava just like that without being cooked, and if the water is too much, then you will get a crystallized looking Rava cake.

Rava (Semolina): 1 cup
Salt: as required
Water: Half cup (You might need more)
Grated Coconut: 4 tbsp

Dry roast the rava for about 10 mts in a non stick pan. Keep the flame low otherwise you will burn the rava.
Take off fire and allow it to cool.
Add required salt and sprinkle water and mix it properly with your hand.Keep it aside
After 10 mts, you will see the rava has become dry again.
Sprinkle some more water and mix again using your hand.
Wait for 5 more minutes and make a ball by taking a handful of rava mix and if it sticks together, it means your mix is ready.
Drop 2 tbsp of grated coconut to the bottom of the puttu mould followed by 1/4 cup rava mix. Then drop 2 tbsp prawns roast, and again 1/4 cup Rava mix followed by the prawns roast and Rava mix till your mould is  full. Pack the top of the mould again with 2 tbsp grated coconut.
Boil water in the Puttu kudam and when it starts to boil, keep the puttu mould on top of that.
Once steam starts coming out, wait for 8-10 minutes.
Serve hot.

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