If anyone asks me what my favourite breakfast is, it is dosa, dosa, dosa dosa... It is not just breakfast.. I can have it any time of the day!!! It is just that I would prefer it with sambar and chutney for breakfast, with chicken curry for dinner.... and for lunch, Dosa with dal or mutton or beef or even Fish will do!!! My husband, son and daughter loves dosas and it is our comfort food. Back in Chennai, I always used to have the batter in the fridge but here urad dal is so precious. We don't get it here and what Ive brought with me is the only stock I have and I have to carefully use it otherwise it won't last me a year.

 Tamilians make the batter with Idly rice or Par boiled rice, Malayalees make it with raw rice.. Ive tried everything and from my experience, for crispy dosas, you will have to make it with raw rice. (But idly is better with idly rice). And they say the batter is better if we use a grinder but believe me, Ive never used a grinder in my life. I always use my mixie with the grinding jar. The batter is just as good and Dosa just as crisp!!!
so here goes the recipe:

Raw rice: 4 cups
Urad dal:1cup
Fenugreek: 1/2 tsp
Salt: as required
Oil: as required

Soak the rice (3 out of the four)in some water for 2-3 hours.Cook the rest of the rice (that is- 1 cup)and keep aside. Soak the urad dal and fenugreek in water for 1-2 hours.
(if you are using Idly rice instead of raw rice, then soak all the four cups in water, no need to cook 1 cup separately)
Grind the urad dal first to a fine batter adding a little water.
Now grind the soaked rice and the cooked rice properly (if raw rice, and if idly rice, grind the soaked 4 cups rice) with water and mix it with the urad dal batter.
Add salt as required. Mix the batter thoroughly and keep it covered for 10-12 hours for it to ferment.

Once fermented, Mix the batter again and on a heated non stick tawa, spread a ladle of batter.
Pour a little oil on all the corners and cook the other side also.
Serve it hot with sambar and chutney.

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