My son has been asking for laddoos for the past few weeks but unfortunately no laddoos around here and the only restaurant which has remotely Indian food serves only Gajjar ka halwa and Gulab Jamun and as Ive said before, no besan available in shops... so even if you give the recipe to a confectioner he won't be able to come up with laddoos without the besan.
So finally I thought I will make the laddoos with the Besan I got from this man who supplies to Indians. Ive seen my cousin making laddoos without adding the artificial colouring and somehow I prefer that.. No, I don't think the artificial colour can kill me but I prefer not to use artificial coloring in home made food.
It is very easy to make laddoos and here is what I did.

For Boondi
Bengal Gram Flour: 1 cup
Water: 3/4 cup

For sugar syrup
Sugar: 1 1/2 cups
Water: 1 cup

Cardamom powder: 1 tsp
Oil for frying the boondi
A ladle with round holes on it to make boondi.

First, make the batter for boondi by mixing the water and besan.

Make sure no lumps are formed, the consistency should be such that it should easily fall through the sieve into the  oil but not too thin either coz then the boondi will stick together.

Now, make the sugar syrup by heating the water and sugar.

Keep stirring and switch off the stove when it reaches one thread consistency( Take a little amount of the syrup in a spoon and touch it with your forefinger... Now bring your thumb to the forefinger and slowly pull apart.. if it forms a single thread without breaking.. that is one thread consistency)

Make sure the syrup remains warm by keeping it on the stove itself while you prepare the boondi

Now heat the oil and drop the Besan batter into the oil. Fry till light golden color and take it out of oil and drain it on a tissue paper and immediately transfer it into the sugar syrup.

Once all the batter is used up and boondi done, mix it properly in the sugar syrup and add 1 tsp cardamom powder. Leave it aside for 10 minutes for the boondi to soak up the sugar syrup

When you think you can handle the sweet boondi with your hand, form it into lime sized balls.

Believe me, it tastes so yummy good!!!!!

The laddoo in the picture below has artificial colouring- I made it just once with colour coz sonnie wanted it like Adyar sweets Laddoo- yellow colour!!! If you want the yellow colour, add half teaspoon of lemon yellow colour to the sugar syrup and then follow the same recipe.

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  1. soj looks yummy wont be trying it out until u blog about loosing 30kgs in 6 months :)-sus