Ada Poori

Does the name sound funny? The mix is like that of white Ada and the method of preparation is like that of poori. I must say it is a tasty and crispy breakfast dish that my family can have all the 7 days of the week.... but I make it only once in a while coz it has to be deep fried... so, since all 4 of us are prone to weight gain.... I make it just once a month and only on holidays so we can really sit and enjoy each and every bite.
My kids spread cheese on it and have while me and my husband eats it with any coconut milk based curry (whatever is available in the fridge...stew, chicken curry, ball curry etc....)

Rice flour: 2 cups
Grated coconut: 1 cup (you can add more...it will be tastier)\
Boiling water and Salt: as required
(You can also add greenchillies, diced onions and ginger to the rice flour for a different taste but my kids like it plain)

Roast the rice flour. Allow it to cool
Add salt and grated coconut to it and mix well.
Pour boiling water and mix properly with a spoon.
When you can handle the mix, make a pliable dough.
Make lime sized balls (okay...slightly bigger than that!!!) and on a plastic sheet press each ball with your wet fingers so that it becomes the size of a poori.
Deep fry this in oil, drain on a tissue paper and serve hot with any coconut milk based side dish of your choice.