I love to snack and do have a big list of favourite snacks... Snacks are my best friend both when Iam sad and when Iam celebrating!!! Bakharwadi is one among the top 5 in my favourites list. This is a Maharashtrian snack and I first had it when my husband's brother brought it from pune....oooo... I used to crave for it when it got over and unfortunately we don't get Bakharwadis in chennai... then one day, while I was shopping at Nilgiris, I saw Haldiram's mini Bakharwadis... from that day onwards, my shopping would never be complete without a packet of Bakharwadi. During my second pregnancy, I used to crave Bakharwadi big time!!!! my that time neighbour, Indu brought a big box of bakharwadi from Delhi... I didn't even offer one piece to my husband!!!!
Now Iam in Cairo and forget Bakharwadis...don't get anything Indian here!!!!! So I thought I will make my own Bakharwadi and searched the net and got to Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe... here is the link

Bakarwadi Recipe

Make sure the dough is stiff, otherwise you will not get crisp Bhakarwadis. I did not steam the pinwheels. I just cut it and fried... came out good.

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