Award again!!!

I got my 2nd award a week back...but its been a very hectic week and all of a sudden Cairo temp dropped..so u know, we had our bout of cold and coughs... and you know how the common cold is so troublesome. So cudnt post earlier... Iam as excited as I was the first time...ThankYou so much Reshmi Mahesh  of Easy Cook for remembering me...it means so much!!!!


Iam passing this on to:

Mitu of Mitu's Kitchen Delights
Urmi of khanamasala
Sayantani of a homemakers diary
Shoba of food mazaa
Nithu of Nithu's Kitchen
Vimitha of My Culinary Trial room
Anshu of Rajasthani cuisine
Divya of divyaz easy recipe
Bhagi of idli burger
Cooking Foodie of cookingfoodie
Uma of 100 recipes

1. Post the award in ur blog with the name of the person who gave you.
2. Pass it on to 15 other people.
3. Do drop a comment in their recent post informing about the award.

Thanks again, Reshmi... Its such an honour....and each of u, my friends, U all rock!!!!


  1. hey thanks for the award......ur blog is very nice...and happy to follow u..

  2. Thanks a ton Sojo. you have a great space too and will come back again and again to check your mouth watering delicacies.

  3. Congrats dear.. And thanks for passing on the award...

  4. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful award with me.

  5. Congratulation on the well deserved award.

  6. Congrats dear...wish you many many more :)

  7. Congrats Dear:-) Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful award. You have a nice space and I'm following you...

  8. Thanks so much Sojo for the award! You have a lovely blog. And wow living in cairo must be great. Its one of the the places I so badly want to visit :)

  9. Thanks Sojo for the beautiful award..
    You share a beautiful space here in blogger world..happy to follow you..