Chicken Mince Rolls

This is something like chicken puffs, but easier if we have leftovers... well, any leftover, chicken roast or prawns roast or beef roast or whatever.... Just fill it inside a pastry sheet and bake and you will have a very tasty snack to go with your 4 'o' clock tea.

Square Pastry Sheets : 10 (you will get it in the freezer section of any super market)
Chicken Roast:  3/4 cup
Egg white: of one egg

Thaw the pastry sheets as per the instructions.
Powder the chicken roast with a fork.
Place 2 tbsp of the chicken roast on the pastry sheets and roll lengthwise so that it encloses the meat filling.
Press firmly and seal the edge by applying a little water.
Brush the tops with beaten egg whites and slash the tops with a knife.
Bake for 20 minutes at 200C
Serve hot with tomato sauce.


  1. These are very cute n lovely rolls, will try them asap!

  2. Really tempting chicken rolls!

  3. cool....did u make thm wth puff pastry or spring-roll pastry or any other...Lukin tempting...

  4. Thanks for sharing this easy and delicious snack!

  5. well..my tummy is rumbling now..so lovely..tempting
    Tasty appetite

  6. Hey Sojo, thanks for sharing this easy and delicious snack idea!

  7. Thanku so much every1... Neenu, I used puff pastry sheets...
    Love, Sojo