Egyptian Roz bi laban/North Indian Milk Kheer/ South Indian Paal Payasam/East Indian Payas/payesh

Rice pudding is called by different names in different regions of the world. Once I went for an Egyptian buffet and saw Roz Bi Laban in the dessert section. I took a bowl and was surprised!!! it was paal payasam. Later I came to know that it is a very famous preparation in Egypt, just like in India.
I love paayasam regardless of whether it is semiya or palada or ada pradhaman or parippu payasam or payar payasam.... But during my childhood, whenever mom used to make paal payasam (rice pudding...not semiya or ada), my brother used to complain saying mom is finding ways to make him eat rice (he hated rice those days!!!).. so since I used to do whatever he does, I also never touched this preparation whenever she made it....and now Iam missing out on all those years of not eating this heavenly payasam....and that too my Amma's preparation!!!

Basmati Rice: a handful
Milk: 750 ml
Sugar: 8 tbsp
Cardamom powder: 1/2 tsp

Wash the rice and keep aside.
Boil water in the pan you are going to use to make the payasam. Rinse properly.
Now in the clean pan, mix the rice and milk and cook on high flame till it boils.
Now lower the flame, add the sugar and cardamom powder and let it cook on very low flame till rice is tender and milk considerably reduced.
Serve as dessert.


  1. As you said when mom used to make nice delicious recipes I was like....hmmm...ithu inniki ippom venda...now I really wish that she was here and cook me all those things....They were too good...:)
    This looks delicious....

  2. looks super delicious and yummy,simply irresistible..

  3. Payasam looks so delicious and wonderful !!

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  5. Payasam looks super delicious...you have a lovely collection of recipes...Glad to follow you...

  6. North south east or west, we know a good drink when we make it, regardless of what it is called ... What a yummy classic :)

  7. Paal payasam is my all time favorite kheer. Looks so tempting and creamy

  8. Love this payasam anyday.Delicious.

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