Lime and Ginger Squash

This is my favourite summer drink. My paternal grandmom always used to make it fresh and give me. She used to say it is the best medicine for healthy digestion. Well, I do make it fresh often but this is easier especially in summer when kids come in tired- just pour the concentrate and water in to the glass and give them and make one for yourself too!! This is my aunt, Leelakochamma's recipe.

Lime: 30-40
Ginger: 80 gms
Sugar: 700 gms
Citric Acid: 1 tsp
Water: 2 cups

Squeeze the juice out of the lemon and keep aside.
Grate the ginger (or run it in the grinder for half a minute) and boil it along with the sugar and water till you get a syrup (as it reaches 1 thread) consistency.
Strain it and let it cool.
Add the lime juice, citric acid and mix well.
Store it in bottles.
While serving, Pour 1/8th glass syrup and fill with cold water and have it on hot afternoons. If you feel the sugar is not enough, you can add a little more while serving.


  1. Lime and ginger is a classic combo...Nice recipe...Perfect for the summers

  2. Delicious combo !! healthy and refreshing drink !!

  3. Refreshing squash, super combo..

  4. Nice recipe...Perfect for the summers ...

  5. wow! homemade recipe for ginger lime squash! thanks dear! one of my year round fav. drinks!!