Chakka (Jack fruit) Halwa (step by step pics)

A malayalee's dream... chakka halwa/chakka varatiyathu/ Chakka vilayichathu/ by any other name tastes as good!!!!!

Jackfruit: 2 kg
Sugar: 3/4 kg
Ghee: 250 gms
Cardamom powder: 2 tsp

Dessed the jack fruit
 Blend it in mixie

Transfer it into an urali or a thick bottomed vessel 

 let it boil and get cooked on a medium heat

When the water is reduced add the sugar

Let it be on medium heat and stir in between.
After it is reduced even more, add cardamom powder and start adding the ghee and keep stirring.

When all the ghee is used up and you get a thick consistency, take a little amount in your hand and make a ball. If it forms a ball, then your halwa is ready.

Pour it in a greased tray and allow to set.
When it cools you can cut into desired shape and serve.

Store it in airtight containers. If you wish to keep it for a longer time, refrigerate.


  1. wow! its superb! and its my favourite! It's come really well.

  2. Looks super....kothiyavunnu7...natill poyittu vennam kazhikaan....

  3. Thanks for this recipe..I love jack fruit and anything with Jack fruit would sure taste great..nice pictures dear..

  4. WOW!! Chakka varattiyathu looks so perfect and yummy. We have this in our drafts, will be posting it next week..

  5. You get this over there??? I soooo love this n sometimes when I desperately want to eat it I make it from canned Jackfruits!!!!

  6. WOW!!! This is absolutely tempting & yummy!!!

  7. Super recipe.....last weekend we tried this and came out very well

    1. you made my day. Yesterday Sumi made my day commenting on FB... :)thanks for trying this out and most importantly, thank a lot for the feedback

  8. i love chakka adda, soj u know something called kumbli appam

    1. yes, the recipe is there in the blog...