Parippu Vada

Homemade Parippu Vadas tastes better any time!!!! Dont u think? For a first timer, maybe the vadas will look funny (that is if you are not careful with the water content or if you've not drained the lentils properly) but still it can beat the tea shop Vadas hands down.
Here, Ive made the Kerala style Parippu Vada (Tamil Nadu Masala vada tastes different and its a different recipe)
Ive seen people making Lentil vada with Toor Dal, Chenna Dal but believe me, vadas made with PEAS DAL tastes the best.

Peas Dal: 4 cups

Curry Leaves: a few sprigs
Dried Red Chilly: 3
Salt: to taste
Oil: for deep frying

Shallots: 100 gm
Green Chillies: 12 (Pls adjust to your tolerance level)
Ginger: 1 inch

Wash and soak the lentils for about 2 hours.
Drain well and coarsely grind it without adding water.
Keep a handful of the soaked and drained dal aside as it is.
Now mix this with curry leaves and the dried red chilly.

Now pulse the shallots, ginger and green chillies once.

Mix everything properly and add salt to taste.

Scoop a small ball and flatten it in your palm as shown in the picture below.

Heat oil and reduce it to medium and drop the flattened balls gently into the oil.
Fry both sides till cooked well and is dark brownish red in colour.

Drain it on an absorbent paper and serve hot with Tea.

Divya Thomas tried this recipe and sent her photo. Well, Iam drooling over her picture... too good, Divya...and thanks a lot for trying it out.


  1. Delicious vada,love to have it with a cup of tea...

  2. Hi Sojo,

    I found your website only two days back while searching for 'Parinjil recipe', since then I tried couple of items including Parippu Vada since its week end.
    Followed same steps, added little asafoetida powder and cilantro leaves finely cut as well.
    It tastes amazing.
    Thank you so much for this effort, will be trying more soon, will keep you posted.

    Sara, Illinois, US

    1. Dear Sara,
      so happy to know that it came out well. yeah, me too love parippu vada made this way with peas dal.