Wheat Puttu and Boiled Egg Fry

Wheat puttu is a healthier and tastier version of the original rice puttu (I say tastier coz me loves wheat more than rice) . Wheat puttu is made almost the same way as rice puttu..the only difference is we steam the wheat flour first for a few minutes in an idly cooker/Appa Chembu/Pressure cooker without the weight and then  sprinkle water to make the puttu flour into a wet powdery form. This is done so that no lumps are formed (coz wheat unlike rice forms into dough fast) 
Wheat puttu goes well with ghee and sugar or even with banana but I LOVE it with boiled egg fry. So heres the recipe.

Wheat Flour: 2 cups
Coconut grated: 3/4 cup
Salt: as needed
Water: as needed

Mix the wheat flour with salt and keep it in a bowl.
Pour 3 cups of water in your Idly Cooker/Appa Chembu/Pressure cooker and bring to boil.
Place the bowl with the wheat flour in the steaming vessel (make sure the bowl doesnt touch the boiling water) as shown in the picture below. Close with a lid.

 Take off fire after about 5 minutes and then sprinkle a little water to get a wet powdery texture.
Be very careful with this step or you will get chapati dough!!!

Now take the puttu maker and add a little grated coconut followed by the puttu flour mix, again the coconut grated followed by the flour mix till you get to the top. Top it with coconut grated (always!!!!)
Close the lid and steam till done (5 to 6 minutes is fine...) 

Boiled Eggs: 4 halved
Chilly Powder: 1 tbsp
Turmeric Powder: 1/4 tsp
Pepper Powder: 1/2 tsp
Ginger Garlic paste: 1/4 tsp
Salt: to taste

Make a paste of all the ingredients by adding water. Apply it on the boiled and sliced eggs.
Shallow fry and serve hot with Wheat Puttu.