Scotch Eggs

 This is again from my paternal grandmom's kitchen. This used to be one of ammachy's special dishes for Christmas, Easter and whenever special guests came. After my marriage, I was surprised to find it a special at my Mom-in-law's dinner table as well...again for Easter, Christamas or when special guests come... :) I make this once in a while (but in my case, I make it as a weekend dinner, not for any guests!!!!:) )
The pictures are from my mom-in-law's kitchen.. I have pictures of this dish from my kitchen as well, but this looks better..so posting this.

This is boiled egg inside beef cutlet, deep fried and then halved.

So first, here is the beef cutlet recipe:

Beef: 1/2 kg
Onion: 2 diced
Ginger: 1 tbsp minced
Green Chillies: 4 chopped
Curry leaves: 2 sprigs (or you can use coriander leaves)
Garam Masala: 2 tsp
Salt and Oil: as required

Potatoes: 1/4 kg

Pressure cook the beef with required quantity of water and salt. After the first whistle, lower the flame. and after 25 minutes, turn off the stove.
Drain the meat, and mince it in a food processor.
Heat required oil ( 3 tbsp should be fine) in a wide bottomed pan and saute the onions, ginger, greenchillies and curry leaves.
When the onions are wilted, add the garam masala and saute again for a minute.
Now add the minced meat and salt and mix well.
Turn off the stove, and add the boiled and mashed potatoes.
Do a taste test, and if more salt is required, please feel free to add.
Mix everything properly and make balls out of it like shown in the picture.

Now boil the eggs, take it out of the shell and mix it in all purpose flour
(this is done so that the eggs dont slip when we cover it with the minced beef and potato mix)

Take one ball, flatten it and keep the boiled egg in the middle, cover the egg with the meat potato mix.

Now either dip it in beaten egg or all purpose flour paste (maida made into a paste with water)
 I usually dip it in beaten egg, but that day, we ran out of eggs ( smiles!!!!) so used the maida paste.
 Maida paste is usually used when we make vegetable cutlets.

Now roll it in bread crumbs.

Heat oil. when it is really hot, slide the cutlets into it, lower the flame to medium heat and fry.

Drain it on an absorbant paper.

Halve the balls and serve warm with tomato sauce.


  1. I love that stuff...........

  2. Delicious....Evide arunnu? Kure ayallo kandittu?

  3. Wow looks yummy and delicious .... Very tempting clicks ....

  4. Have never had scotch eggs... but have heard people wax eloquent abt this dish. I think it is also a traditional parsi dish... looks very yummy!