Achanga Payar (string beans) Thoran

A very tasty variety of beans-string beans, fresh and ready for eating :) . This is my mom's backyard and when Iam there, I never have to worry about what chemicals went into growing them!!!!

 Even if you are someone who doesnt like vegetables, this one will change your whole outlook. I love Achanga stir fry and also thoran.

String Beans (Achanga Payar) - a handful
Coconut grated: 1/2 cup
Green Chillies slit: 3
Onion: 1/2 chopped
Turmeric Powder: a pinch
Curry leaves: a sprig
Mustard: 1/2 tsp
Coconut oil: 1 tbsp
Salt: as required

Slice the string beans round.
In a kadai, heat oil, splutter mustard.
Throw in the onions, green chillies and curry leaves.
Saute for 2 minutes on low flame and then add the beans, coconut, turmeric powder and salt.
Mix everything properly and cook on low flame with the lid on.
After a few minutes, stir again and cook closed till done.
Serve with rice.

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