Cashewnuts (Roasting to make them edible)

For those of you who has no idea how cashewnut is taken out of the kernel... ;)
The nut is attached to the lower portion of the Cashew apple. The Cashew apple is either yellow, orange or reddish yellow in colour. When the fruit is raw, you can take the nut and eat just like that... its soft and chewy and ofcourse delicious. But when the fruit ripens, the outer kernel of the Cashewnut becomes hard, like the picture below.

At this stage, dont dare to open it and eat it... yes, the liquid in this shell is DANGEROUS!!!! it will cause burns.
 You have to sun dry it for some days and then heat these nuts over an open fire (the dangerous liquid is drained, that way)

This is how it will look at this stage....

When it cools, you can shell it.... :)


  1. Ha..ha... We used to do a lot of these in open fire in our backyard.... Feeling nostalgic.. By the way where did you get those dry nuts?

    1. back home, Asha... :) :) Miss u these days...

  2. Love this roasted cashewnuts,inviting..

  3. such a difficult process!! but am sure they taste better than those available in the stores :)