Pineapple Jam

I prefer homemade jams to the store bought ones and whenever Pineapples, Mulberries, Guavas, Mangoes, Strawberries, Bananas or Oranges are in season, I grab the opportunity to make tons of Jam- In short, all throughout the year!!!!! :)
So heres the all time favourite-pineapple jam recipe!!!

Fresh Pineapple: 3, peeled and chopped
Sugar: 1.5 cups
(if the pineapples are not very sweet, you will have to add more sugar)
Lime juice: of 2 small lime
Cinnamon: 1 stick
Cloves: 3

Take a thick bottomed pan, mix all the ingredients and heat over medium flame.
Stir in between so that it doesnt stick to the bottom.
Skim off the foam.
When it reaches a thick consistency, take off fire.
(the whole process will take a long time, almost an hour, so be patient!!!)
Pour into sterilized bottles.
Spread on a slice of bread and enjoy delicious homemade Jam!!!