Avalose Unda

A kerala speciality snack made out of rice flour, grated coconut and sugar or Jaggery. I prefer the sugar version so this recipe uses sugar instead of jaggery.

Avalose Podi : 3.5 cups
Cardamom Powdered: 1 tbsp
Lime Juice: of 1 lime
Sugar: 1.5 cups
Water: 1/2 cup

Combine the sugar, water and lime juice and keep covered for 10 hours or overnight.

Sift the Avalose Podi through a sieve and pound the big pieces in your dry grinder.

Measure 3.5 cups Avalose Podi and keep half cup aside.

Add 1 tbsp cardamom powder to the Avalose Podi

Heat the sugar mix on medium heat till it reaches one thread consistency (take a small amount between your thumb and index finger and when you pull apart, a thread should form without breaking)
One thread consistency is an important step coz if you cross that mark, then the result is very hard avalose unda!!! So if you want soft ones, be careful with the one thread consistency point!!!

As soon as the consistency is reached, mix the Avalose Podi to the sugar mix and take off fire.

When it is still warm, make small balls out of it and roll it in the reserved half cup Avalose Podi.

When it cools, store in airtight containers and have with your evening Tea.

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  1. oops i had i pkt of this podi .. finished off next time this def ..on do list

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