Chocolate Caramel Tart

I love tarts. Well, who doesn't??  This is a variation of the caramel cashew tart (a bookmarked recipe from A Tasty Challenge) I had posted earlier. This has my favourite caramel and chocolate too...

For the tart:

Maida: 2 cups
Butter: 1/2 cup
Egg: 1
Sugar:1/4 cup
Baking Powder 1/4 tsp
Salt 1/4 tsp
Cold Water: a little to make the dough (maybe about 5 tbsp)

Preheat oven to 200C
Sift the baking powder, flour and salt
Cream butter and sugar and add the egg yolk and combine well.
Add the flour and water and knead into a stiff dough
Roll out the dough and using a cookie cutter, make 15-16 round discs
Line them in a muffin pan and prick the dough with a fork to prevent the tart from raising.
Bake in the oven for 15 minutes.
Take out and cool completely.

For the Caramel filling:

Sugar: 1/2 cup
Water: 2 tbsp
Salt: a pinch
Fresh Cream: 1/3 cup or a small tub

Heat Sugar, salt and water on low heat till it is golden brown in colour. Make sure you don't stir while making the caramel, leave it like that or you can just swirl the pan
When it is golden brown, turn off the stove and add the fresh cream and mix well.
Let it cool slightly.

For the Chocolate Topping:

Cooking Chocolate: 100 gms
Fresh cream: 100 gms

Chop the chocolate and keep aside.
Bring the fresh cream to a boil.
Immediately remove from fire and add the chopped chocolate and mix well.

Now take the tart and place the caramel filling in it with the help of a spoon.
Let it set (around half an hour)
Now apply the chocolate topping on top of the caramel.


  1. That looks so delicious and yummy.. Making me drool

  2. thats so beautiful. such a yummy tart recipe.

  3. Caramel and chocolate, awesome combo..

  4. yummy yum tarts!!

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  5. What wonderful tarts and perhaps not so difficult to make too. Thanks for sharing and linking this.

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