Award time again

Punitha of http://southindiafoodrecipes.blogspot.in/ and Beena from http://cookingatmayflower.blogspot.in/ has passed on this award. Thanku so much to both of u.

Hema of  Aromatic Cooking passed these awards to me a long time back. 

But I was in the middle of shifting then and couldnt post it for so long. Thanku so much, Hema...it means a lot to me.

I've been tagged by her. the rules are as follows:
1. Post the rules.
2. Answer the questions set for you in the tagger's post and create new set of eleven questions.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you have tagged them.

Now to my answers
1. Introduce yourself
   I am Sojo, a mom to two lovely kids.
2. What's your favorite hobby or how do you love to enjoy your time?
   Reading is my FAVOURITE hobby. I can read anything and everything.
3. When it come to blogging, how supportive are your family members?
   Well, I dont include anyone in this area and they done even know when I click pics or when I key in the recipes!!!! :) :) This is something which belongs only to me and this is done for my kids.... so they can wait till they grow old to see this.... :) O by the way, my hubby refers to this when Iam not in town.... :)
4. What's is your fav. food?
   Kottayam style fish curry with anything!!!!
5. What inspired you to create a blog?
  Well, I wanted to save all my recipes for my kids. That is how I started this.
6. How do u feel while u get an award /Tags from other blogger friends?
   I feel so very happppppppyyyyy!!!!
7. Talk about food photography..do you judge a recipe by the photo posted by the bloggers? and when searching for a recipe in a search engine like Google, do you look for just recipe or look by images?
    I never judge by the pictures!!! A good cook needn't be a good photographer.
8. Have you tried recipes from other bloggers? What's the result?
    Ive tried with mixed results. Some recipes were super duper hit at my place while there were a few disasters too...
9. How happy you will be in getting a comment for your recipe?
I love comments, especially if someone tries something and lets me know.
10. How about taking part in events hosted by other bloggers?
    I do take part on and off.

Now I would love to tag the following friends, Supriya , Reshmi , maayeka , Gauri ,Sushmita ,  Chandrani Swapna , Srivalli , Nisa Homey , Shama Nags , Akila
Since I loved answering Hema's questions, I am going to pass on the same set of questions.


  1. Congrats on your awards.. wish you many more..

  2. Hi Sojo congratulations for the awards and thanks for sharing them with me...Glad to follow you dear.

  3. Congratulation Sojo for receiving these lovely award and thanks dear for sharing them with me:)

  4. Congratulations..
    Keep Rocking !

  5. Sojo. Congratulation for the awards. Thanks for sharing them with me...Happy to follow u.

  6. Congrats on ur awards.. http://indiantastyfoodrecipes.blogspot.in

  7. Congrats dear n I am honoured to receive these awards from u dear..

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  9. Congrats dear...Happy to know about you..Thanks for sharing it with me..