Homemade Wine with Grapes

This comes a little early. Wanted to post this for Christmas...but then again, you can have this for Christmas only if you start the procedures now. So here it is..... :)

Grapes : 1 kg (purple grapes)
Sugar: 1 kg
Water: 1.5 litres (boiled and cooled)
Yeast: 2 tsp
Wheat: A handful (Kernels, not the powdered one)
Cinnamon, cloves, staranise: 2 each

Wash the grapes well.
Pat dry. Crush the grapes with your hand or pulse it just once in your mixie.
Mix all the ingredients together in a jar.
For the first 15 days, stir this mix twice a day.
Then for a week, stir it once a day.
After that leave it untouched.
After 45 days (from when you first mixed everything) open the jar and strain liquid with the help of a muslin cloth.
Store in clean glass bottles.


  1. Wine and Homemade, whoo Hoo too coolll..

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  2. Adipoli wine...perfect for holidays...

  3. Please make more.... sell them.... I think I'd love it with 'your' touch!

  4. wow.. homemade looks great..

  5. home made is best. can you please clarify the jar can be plastic or glass? and can i use broken wheat?


    1. when u mix everything and keep, u can use plastic jars.. yes, thats what i always use (a plastic bucket with a lid specifically kept for this) and as for the wheat, I always use wheat kernals (whole and not broken) and I usually tie it in a muslin/ t-shirt material and drop it in the mix. its ok if u dont tie also...

    2. but u have to add the wheat kernels, coz that is what makes the wine clear.

  6. Awesome!! How about grape seeds? Seedless grapes or deseed grapes before crushing them?

    1. Mariam, it is not complicatedn at all.. its neither seedless grapes nor do u have to deseed them. u just crush it as it is and after 45 days when u strain, the seeds, the skin and all gets thrown away... again after u strain, keep it for sometime for the wine to get crystal clear... :) thats all..

  7. Just drooling here, irresistible.....home made best