Easy Jeera Rice

There are so many ways to make Jeera rice. I myself follow 3 different recipes. But this is the easiest of the three, when you have no idea what to cook and when you are pressed for time and even for days you are too lazy to chop onions or clean the coriander leaves... :)

Basmati Rice: 2 cups
Water: 3 cups
Cumin: 1 tbsp
Ghee: 1 tbsp
Salt: as needed

Wash and drain the rice.
In a pressure cooker, heat ghee and add the cumin.
Add the rice to it and give a toss.
Add 3 cups water, salt and keep the lid.
When the steam comes out steadily, put the weight and wait for 20 seconds.
Turn off stove and just forget about it.
After 20 minutes, take off lid and you will have properly cooked Jeera rice.


  1. Flavorful rice,love this quick fix with some rich gravy!!

  2. jeera with with paneer butter masala yummy yum -sus

  3. Oh wow, thanks a ton. Needed something different today lunch.