Sausage Pizza for Beginners (In Microwave Convection Mode)

This is for beginners who has just started experimenting with baking. I will do a detailed post later where you will make the pizza dough, pizza sauce etc from scratch and in a regular oven. But this one is done with all readymade stuff but you get the satisfaction of assembling it and also baking it. And also, my first post on how to do it in a microwave convection oven. My favourite on lazy evenings. Okay, here is how...

Sausage: 5 large thinly sliced
Pizza Base (store bought): 2 medium
Pizza Sauce (store bought): as required
Mozarella Cheese grated: generously or as much or as little as u like

Spread the Pizza sauce on the base (starting from centre outwards and make sure it reaches till the end.
Add a little grated cheese on top followed by sliced sausages.
Now generously add the grated cheese on top of it.
 Turn on convection mode and press for 240C and then press on weight button and choose the weight (in this case, it will be between 450-500gm) and preheat till you hear the beep.
(alternately, take ur user manual and check for pizza recipe and follow the instruction for the temperature and weight)
As soon as you hear the beep, place the prepared base on the grill rack and place this inside the oven and press start.
As soon as it is done, you will hear a beep.
(In case you have not entered the weight correctly, like youve entered a higher weight, then it might burn, so keep an eye if you are not sure of the weight and take it out when the cheese melts and the sausage is browned. Again, if youve entered a lower weight, it will be undercooked, so again you will have to cook at 240C till done)
Take this out and serve warm