Avarakka Thoran

Avarakka: 1/4 kg
Onion: 1 medium diced
Green Chillies: 4-5 sliced
Turmeric Powder: 1/4 tsp
Salt: as needed
Oil: 1 tbsp
Mustard: 1/2 tsp
Curry Leaves: a sprig
Coconut grated: 3/4 cup

Heat oil, splutter mustard and curry leaves.
Add all the ingredients and 1/4 cup (or maybe a little less than that) water, close the lid and let it cook on low flame
(yes, this veggie needs a little water to get cooked or else it will burn if you add only 1 tbsp oil and try to cook it without water.)

Once done, open the lid and let the water evaporate completely. Take off stove
Serve warm with rice.