Chocolate Biscuit Pudding (No Bake Cake)

This reminds me of my college days and hostel. One of my dearest friends (Neetha) mom always used to make and send to us hungry souls (14 of us) and within minutes it will be all over.
After college I used to make this regularly and happily piled on all the pounds (who was bothered....this was sinfully delicious) ...Then became conscious and I guess didnt make it for 10 years... and then suddenly thought about this while chatting with her sis in law on whatsapp (she too was one of the 14 in hostel) .... here is how it is made....

Marie Biscuit: 27 or more
Icing sugar or sugar very finely powdered: 300 gms
Butter: 200 gms
Cocoa Powder: 4 tbsp
Milk : 1 tbsp (only if needed)
Black coffee (Nescafe or Bru will do): 1 cup

Let the butter come to room temperature. Mix in the butter and sugar with the cocoa powder to a creamy consistency. It should be spreadable (if not add the milk). Nutella texture would be perfect.
Now dip the marie biscuit in coffee and layer the dish.
On top of that spread the choco cream layer, again on top layer with coffee dipped marie.
The last layer or the top layer should be the choco cream. Spread properly. cover with aluminum foil or cling film and keep it in the fridge for a few hours to set.
Once set, slice and serve.