Minced meat and Aloo Paratha

If you are beef cutlet fans and love Aloo Paratha too, this is the best dinner, breakfast, lunch, picnic lunch, train dinner....you name it...... you can dream of. My Aloo parathas never used to come out well, always it used to break or the shape was bad. So always I used to make 2 chapatis and sandwich with aloo mix and cook and even then I wasnt satisfied. Then I had this when my 3rd sis in law cooked for me once and that was the moment of falling in love over again with aloo paratha. Then I made her stand with me when I cooked it next time and watched her doing it.... this is how.

For the Filling:
Minced Beef: 500 gms (the beef should be pressure cooked first before mincing.... 20 minutes on low flame after the first whistle)
Onion: 2 medium diced
Ginger: 1 inch chopped fine
Green Chillies: 3 chopped fine
Curry Leaves: 1 sprig
Potatoes: 300 gm cooked and mashed
Garam Masala: 1 tsp
Salt and Pepper: as needed.
Oil: 2 tbsp

Heat oil and saute the onions, green chillies, ginger and curry leaves till they are slightly brown.
Add the garam masala, salt and pepper, do a thorough mix and switch off fire.
When it cools, add the mashed potatoes to it and mix everything properly. Keep aside.

For the Chapati:
Wheat Flour: 3 cups
Water and salt: as needed.

Mix everything properly till you get a pliable dough...alternately use your processor and knead the dough.

Take a big ball of dough and flatten it just like for chappati.
Keep a ball of the minced meat mix in the centre (the minced meat ball should be the same size as the wheat ball you had taken)

Now seal it from 2 sides like in the pic below.

then from the other two sides like in the pic here. make sure it is sealed properly, no air pockets please.

Now start rolling from the centre out. it will even out uniformly. Lastly, roll the sides for a perfect round.

Heat the tava, cook both sides smearing oil. 

Serve warm with a spoon of butter and raita/Pickle or any side dish of your choice.