Broccoli Pepper Fry

Broccoli: 1 cut into small pieces
Onion: 1 diced
Ginger: 1 tsp minced
Garlic: 1 tsp minced
Pepper :1 tsp
Salt: as needed

Wash the Broccoli and pat dry.
In a pan, saute the onion, ginger and garlic till wilted.
Add the Broccoli and let it get cooked but make sure it remains a little crunchy.
Add the salt and pepper and mix everything.
Take off fire and serve warm with rice.


  1. Hey! Am back after a looong hiatus from blogging and its lovely to see all that you have been cooking up :) I always buy broccoli hoping to eat healthy, and then invariably turn it into a soup! But this looks like a great option...