Moist Dates Carrot Cake

Ive posted a dates and carrot cake before(eggless version). This is with egg and needless to say, the eggs take this cake to another level. This cake Ive made an umpteen times and I am still wondering why Ive not posted it here before. This is from my favourite food blogger, Asha's Tasty Challenge 

This cake is so moist and tastes just like    better than the Fruit cake.

All Purpose Flour/ Maida: 1 Cup
Baking soda: 3/4 Teaspoon
Salt: a pinch
Vegetable Oil: 3/4 Cup
Sugar: 3/4 Cup
Eggs: 2
Vanilla Essence: 1/2 Teaspoon
Grated Carrots: 1 Cup
Finely Chopped Dates: 1 Cup
Chopped Cashew Nuts: 1/2 Cup
(do not use the food processor as all of it will become sticky)

For the Carmel
Sugar: 1/2
Hot Water: 1/4 Cup

Heat Sugar in a dry pan on medium heat till browned properly. (Do not stir the sugar with spoon but keep swirling the pan so that the sugar gets uniformly caramelized) 
Make the Caramel really dark and on the bitter side, as it compliments with the sweetness of the cake.
Add hot Water to the Caramel (as hot water helps to disoolve caramel fast) and switch off the heat as soon as the Caramel is dissolved. 
Keep aside till it is cooled thoroughly.

Grease and flour a loaf pan
(Apply a thin layer of Butter on the pan and sprinkle some Flour evenly on top and dust the extra off.)
Preheat the oven to 350˚F/ 180˚C.
Sift together Flour, Baking Soda and Salt together and keep aside.
Mix together Eggs and Sugar really well until most of the Sugar is melted through.
Add the Oil and beat really well until it is thickened and the mixture looks like Mayonnaise.
Add the prepared Caramel and Vanilla Essence; mix well.
Add the Flour mixture and mix slowly and gently until just combined.
Add a tablespoon of Flour into the Carrots, Dates and Nuts and mix slightly (This will prevent them from sinking to the bottom of the pan (specially dates and nuts) and will aid to separate the Date pieces). Add this into the batter and mix till everything is distributed evenly.
Pour this mixture into the prepared pan, level the top and bake for 35 – 45 minutes or till a tooth pick inserted in the middle of the Cake comes back clean.
Once out of the oven, wait for some time for the Cake to cool and then keep it in the refrigerator.
Once chilled, run a knife along the sides and unmold the Cake. Cut and serve while cold. Keep the left over Cake in the refrigerator.

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